King Cole Christmas Knitting Pattern 8002

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Knitting pattern for Snowman Santa Head, Rudolf and Christmas Stockings. 

Designs use King Cole Big Value DK, Dollymix DK and Merino DK. I do not have Big Value DK as I stock the Pricewise DK, see related items below for the yarn.

Needles 3.25mm, 3.75mm and 4mm

Toy Filling required (filling beads optional if you want to weight them down).

Bells optional.

  • Snowman Height approx 24cm - Requires 1 x 100g ball White 01, 1 x 25g balls Dolly Mix DK of each shade: Red 9, Emerald 42, Black 48, Taupe 37 and Orange 144. Uses 3.25mm and 3.75mm Needles.
  • Santa Head Height approx 11cm - Requires 1 x 100g ball Rose 132 (or Pricewise DK 149), 1 x 25g balls Dollymix DK of each shade: Red 9 and White 1, 1 x ball Sprinkles White 621 (or Cuddles DK White 1175). Uses 3.75mm and 4mm needles. Small Bell.
  • Rudolph Height approx 31.5cm - Requires 1 x 25g Dolly Mix DK shades: Taupe 37, Fawn 8 (try Pricewise DK 1695 Sand as an alternative), Russett 60 and Red 9. Uses 3.75mm needles. 
  • Christmas Stockings Length approx 32.5mm - Striped Stocking uses Merino DK 2 x 50g balls shades Red 9 and Emerald 784, knitting needles size 4mm. Stocking with Snowman uses Merino DK shades 2 x 50g Red 9 and 1 x 50g Black 48, Dolly Mix DK 1 x 25g White 01. Uses 4mm needles.